Susan Cole, 57, was dismissed from jury duty in July 2011. According to Cole, she "deliberately dressed in a disheveled and uncoordinated fashion" to look like she had a mental disorder.

"I am embarrassed I did it. I didn't mean to harm the judge. I really felt bad she interpreted this," Cole said.

Cole says she woke up late the day of her jury duty because there was a fatal motorcycle wreck near her home the night before. She had thought her cousin was involved in the crash - which led her to be emotionally distraught.

"She was still so emotionally overcome...that she did not want to be involved in jury service," the report reads. "She devised to appear to be mentally unbalanced when she appeared for jury service. This entailed wearing mismatched shoes, reindeer socks she had received over the holidays, and a shirt that bore the caption 'Ask me about my best seller ... [and] left her hair in curlers and applied an excessive amount of makeup.'"

PDF Document:Cole arrest affidavit

When she appeared in the Denver District Courtroom in this condition, Cole claims it had the "desired effect as it drew stares from fellow jurors."

She was, eventually, dismissed from the jury - but not due only to her appearance. During the voir dire process, Cole claimed to suffer from PTSD.

"I broke out of domestic violence in the military. And I have a lot of repercussions. One is post-traumatic stress disorder ... My military records are now missing. I have lived on the street, and I have worked myself up to living with my cousin," the court reporter recorded during the interview portion of the court case.

After being dismissed from that jury, Cole subsequently called into the Dave Logan Show on 850 KOA in Oct. 17, 2011. She relayed an elaborate story of how she had previously done this in Denver.

The judge who was presiding over the court case Cole had been dismissed from was listening to the Dave Logan Show when Cole called in. The judge instantly recognized the description of the situation as someone she had encountered in the voir dire process mere months earlier.

The judge reported the radio show to her superiors - who obtained the juror list from the court case. After confirming the juror in question was Cole, the authorities spoke with her regarding the accusations. Cole admitted she was the juror. She explained that she was especially inefficient the morning of her jury service. She claimed to be afflicted by PTSD - which she developed as a result of her abusive marriage. When asked regarding the diagnosis of PTSD, Cole claimed her military medical records were lost by the Army and the only person who diagnosed her with the disorder was a Jefferson County Court diversion counselor who had since died.

9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson says Cole's on-air confession makes defending her more difficult.

"The defense will have to show that she did not knowingly lie about a material fact. Bragging about getting out of jury duty is a little bit like being proud of not voting or cheating on your taxes," Robinson said.

Cole gave the authorities a copy of her book - "7 Initiations with El-Way's Secret" - and explained the claims she made are all included in the book.

Cole does claim to have a history of mental problems, which she wrote about in the book under the pen name Char Cole.

"The military threw me in a mental institution and kept me there for five days trying to tell me I had a mental issue," Cole said.

The U.S. Army found no medical records for Cole.

The police say her divorce documents do not address any abusive behavior or domestic violence involved in the split.

Cole is charged with perjury in the first degree and attempt to influence a public servant.

She now has to go to court, not as a juror, but a defendant.

"I just think: 'What if I go to prison over this?'" Cole said.