Sam, 77, and Linda, 76, were found at their burned home earlier this week. Authorities say one of them was found outside the home and another was found inside the home.

The intense heat of the fire left behind only the frame of their home and the shells of charred vehicles.

The pastor at Red Rocks Fellowship Church says their deaths is a monumental loss.

"They were very committed to faithfulness, to serving the word of God," Pastor Jack McCullough said.

Sam Lucas and his wife Linda, who was known by friends as Moaneti, were among the pillars of the church.

"Moaneti had a gift of hospitality. She was always welcoming," McCullough said. "Sam was very involved with leadership."

McCullough was their pastor for 20 years and he says the couple was always prepared.

"He had a fire suppression system foam to spray the house," he said.

McCullough says Sam Lucas even called the church asking for prayers on Monday.

"He said, 'Please pray. There's a little fire. Please pray for us,'" he said.

Regardless of how prepared the couple was, somehow they never made it out.

"They were packed and ready to leave so we can only speculate," McCullough said.

The church is now turning to what they know best to make it through: scriptures and prayers.

"They are leaving a huge vacancy in our fellowship," McCullough said. "They'll be greatly missed."