9Wants to Know also discovered the coach named Kyle Dodd has stolen money from a kids' organization in 2003 and put false statements on his Regis Jesuit High School biography page, where he is a football coach.

Dodd and some of his players sold raffle tickets outside the King Soopers at Jordan Road and Lincoln Avenue on April 14 for a raffle Dodd said would take place May 7. There were pictures of numerous prizes.

"[A] Joe Sakic signed jersey, 49ers Super Bowl helmet," one of the young players said could be won in the raffle. "It's $5 for one chance, $10 for three chances."

Dodd also talked about prizes when undercover 9Wants to Know investigators approached him and purchased tickets.

"There's a Michael Jordan ball too," Dodd told a 9NEWS staff member. "That's the actual ball," he said pointing to a basketball autographed by the basketball player.

"You know what's funny? Some people are like, 'I don't want a Michael Jordan ball.' I say, 'really? You go get Michael Jordan's autograph.' It took me years to get that," Dodd said.

Dodd told another undercover 9NEWS staff member that he bought the ball.

"You know how much I bought that for?" he asked. "$125. That's it," Dodd said.

Dodd also showed pictures of the front page of The Rocky Mountain News from the time the Colorado Rockies made it to the World Series. When asked if he was raffling off all of the items shown in the pictures, Dodd confirmed he was.

"All of it," he said.


9Wants to Know found Dodd's public Flickr page.

It shows photos of Dodd, his family and some of the items Dodd claimed to be raffling off, including the basketball autographed by Michael Jordan.

In the lower lefthand corner of the picture, 9NEWS noticed a price tag for the sports store Field of Dreams that wasn't visible in the cropped version of the picture Dodd showed the day he sold raffle tickets.

9NEWS went to Field of Dreams in Park Meadows Mall and found the same Michael Jordan ball. The unique collector's number shown on the picture Dodd used at the raffle matched the number on the ball inside the store.

"I have the ball right here, and it's been here since March of last year," store manager Matthew Shepard told 9Wants to Know.

9NEWS also found the helmet signed by famous San Francisco 49er players and The Rocky Mountain News souvenir front page.

Two days after the May 7 raffle was to have taken place, a 9NEWS staffer asked Dodd if the raffle had been held. He told us it would be held May 11 or May 14.

9NEWS texted Dodd on May 15, and he told us the raffle would be held at practice on May 16.

9NEWS approached Dodd after baseball practice on May 16, and said he'd held the drawing and chosen names for three prizes, but refused to show 9NEWS names of the winners.

Dodd said he never told people he was going to raffle off the Jordan ball.

"I did not say that. I did not say I owned the ball," Dodd told us. "A friend of mine owns it."


We showed video of the raffle ticket sales to Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, whose office issues state raffle licenses required by state law.

"It looks like there are some real dangers here," Gessler said. "If someone runs a raffle, they are supposed to come to our office first to be able to get a license."

Secretary of State records show Dodd did not have a raffle license, Gessler told 9Wants to Know.

"You want to prevent people from using little kids like this and saying they are going to help out a charity like that and then not do it. That's what the rules are for," Gessler said.

9Wants to Know discovered Dodd pleaded guilty to stealing money from a northern Colorado youth camp called Camp Timberline in 2003. Court filings reviewed by 9Wants to Know show the camp's director told police Dodd stole $42,879.44 by using camp funds to pay personal bills at AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, American Express, First USA Bank and Qwest.

Dodd agreed to plead guilty and was convicted of theft $500 to $15,000. State records show he was given a deferred sentence.

9Wants to Know also discovered Dodd was not the captain of the University of Oklahoma basketball team in 1982 as his Regis Jesuit High School biography page claimed.

A University of Oklahoma Athletics Department spokesman told 9NEWS the university has no record of Dodd playing basketball in 1982.

The last year he played for the Sooners was 1981, according to the athletics department spokesman.

Athletic records reviewed by 9Wants to Know show in the 1980-1981 season, he averaged zero points per game.


Dodd's attorney, Andy Ausmus, has refused to return numerous calls left by 9Wants to Know but sent an email statement.

"Mr. Dodd has provided me with the names of the winners, an affidavit signed by each winner that they received the item and picture of the winners with the applicable item. The items that were delivered were a Rod Smith signed jersey, a David Ortiz signed ball and a John Elway signed picture," Ausmus wrote in the statement.

That claim contradicts the items Dodd told 9NEWS he raffled off.

"This person receives a signed baseball by Big Papi. A bat is [an] item, and the other is a basketball," Dodd told 9NEWS at practice. Big Papi is a nickname for Major League Baseball player David Ortiz.

"Kyle Dodd, for the last 14 years, has volunteered thousands of hours each year to coach kids at all levels. Coach Dodd was trying to help fundraise for a youth baseball team to try and defray costs for the parents on the team. Every person that had their name drawn in the public drawing conducted by the team with parent witnesses present received the items they were promised," Ausmus also said in his statement.


You can search to see whether a person or organization has a raffle license by going to the raffle section of the Secretary of State's website at: