The Miniature Schnauzer named Izzy was owned by Ryan and Bridget Zoeller. Ryan Zoeller brought Izzy for a walk Thursday morning when the Pitt Bull blasted out of a neighbor's door and lunged at Izzy.

"I did the best I could just to protect my dog," Zoeller said. "I tried to turn around and all of those things. There's not much I could do. Eventually the dog jumped up and was able to get our dog in the neck."

Ryan held Izzy high, but the Pit Bull's jump was too powerful. It gripped its teeth around Izzy and all Izzy could do was squeal in pain.

"The Pit Bull had Izzy and just started mauling her," Zoeller said.

Zoeller ran inside and grabbed a golf club and then returned to beat the dog, but he says the club didn't affect it.

At that point, Zoeller says the Pit Bull's owners ran out and tried to pull their dog off Izzy. Zoeller says they were injured in the process.

"Going through what we went through today, trying to fight the dog off, and nothing phased it," Zoeller said.

The Pitt Bull is being held at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley in Littleton. Its owners have to appear in court on August 21. A judge will decide whether the dog will be put down.