They didn't pick off any of Colorado's seats in Congress, but in the state legislature they took control of both houses.

Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) is expected to become the next speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives.

This year, Republicans had a 32-31 advantage in the House.

Now the Democrats will head into 2013 with a 37-26 lead, more than just a slim majority.

"We thought we'd pick up one or two seats," said Ferrandino. "There were six competitive seats across the state that we were playing for and hopeful that we could win. We thought we'd win some of them, but actually we ended up winning all of them."

A lot of factors that made that happen, but Ferrandino points out that a lot of money went to Democratic candidates after this year's meltdown in the House over civil unions.

Republican leaders used parliamentary tactics to stall and kill the bill, which would grant many of the rights of marriage to couples regardless of the gender of the two people.

Ferrandino tells 9NEWS he won't make it House Bill number one- that will be reserved for the economic agenda, but he says civil unions will become law next session.

"Now with a clear majority in the House and the Senate supportive of civil unions, both Democrats and Republicans, and a Governor supportive of it," said Ferandino. "Civil unions is going to become a reality in 2013."

That would not happen without controversy.

There is still a vocal opposition to anything that comes close to marriage for gay couples.

Expect long nights of testimony from both sides as the issue comes up again early next year.