A mom's trip to the pool took a bizarre turn at the Greeley Family Funplex Wednesday when her body piercing got snagged in a pool drain.

Recreation supervisor Braydon Maxwell got a surprise call to the "Adventure Island" pool area Wednesday.

A mom was stuck in a drain in shallow water.

"[I've] Never seen it before. She was on her stomach. She was never in any danger," Maxwell said.

Greeley firefighters arrived in minutes.

"This was a pretty unusual situation. She had a belly button piercing which had become entangled," Division Chief Dale Lyman said.

Lyman says it took about an hour to begin draining the pool while wiggling that ring.

"This would be the first belly button rescue that I'm aware of in the city of Greeley," Lyman said.

The mom eventually got loose, and was not hurt.

9NEWS stopped by the mom's house Thursday. Her husband says she plans to personally thank the firefighters who rescued her.

Firefighters say the lesson for others is to be aware if you have piercings at the pool.

"There's the potential to become entrapped," Lyman said.

Staff members at the Greeley Family Funplex plan to review their policies about body piercings at the pool, which recently upgraded all the drains to make sure they are compliant with new federal safety standards.