Davin Armstrong and his wife, Amber Hersh, are drawing huge crowds this year with about 100 handmade Christmas decorations, including a Christmas town, a full Santa and reindeer set, three additional reindeer, 12 handmade trees and a train set.

Last year, the association tried to charge fines of up to $75 every two weeks for the display, citing a bylaw limiting lawn ornaments to three per household, but the family refused to pay up. Rather than fight, the association changed the bylaws.

According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the family got support from as far away as Texas.

"I'm just glad people saw past the rules and saw what we were doing this for," Hersh said. "It wasn't to flex our muscles or cause problems. It was because we wanted to decorate... that dispute was zapping the meaning out of Christmas and making it all about the HOA."

For as long as they're able, the house will stand as a community landmark to keep Christmas in the forefront of the holiday season.

"Christmas is getting taken out of so many things," Hersh said. "We're just glad to be able to keep Christmas literally in everybody's face... Christmas is about magic and wonder. If we can give that to our kids and all of the kids in our community, we want to be 'that' house."