BOULDER - Two Boulder police officers were injured after police say a 32-year-old man swung a metal cross at them.

**The officer suffered a jammed finger during the incident. His hand was not broken.**

The incident happened Monday afternoon at the Timber Ridge Apartments in the 1000 Block of Adams Circle in Boulder.

Police showed up after receiving multiple calls of a man throwing items out of his apartment and breaking windows.

Police had to use multiple taser strikes to get Matthew Allen to the ground and restrained, Boulder Police Spokeswoman Kim Kobel said.

Officer Nick Smetzer, a 10-year veteran, suffered a hand injury, according to Kobel. Officer Nate Vasquez, a 21-year-veteran, received an MRI after being hit in the head, she said.

Neighbors at the apartment complex say Allen acted very strange since he moved in last week.

"He's been sort of yelling a lot ever since," said Steven Visioli, who lived next door to Allen.

"He's been coming out and yelling and screaming and it's every night, said neighbor Michael Lemon.

"He would talk to this tree occasionally," Visioli said. "Not looking up though, just looking at it like it's a person"

So the curious neighbors couldn't help but notice Monday afternoon when they saw Allen breaking windows and throwing things onto the courtyard of their apartment complex.

"I looked out my window and saw him throwing DVD cases," Visioli said. "And then the objects just sort of got bigger that he was throwing out."

Pictures from neighbors show items all over the ground, including a computer, guitar case, and a flat-screen TV.

When police officers arrived on scene, they showed up at his door, according to Kobel.

He went back inside, she said, and he came back swinging a metal cross.

The cross was about a foot tall, weighing a little more than three pounds, she said.

"He was very combative with police officers," she said.

Police pulled out their tasers, and neighbors say it took multiple attempts to get Allen to the ground.

"He didn't actually fall down, they had to kick him over when he was seizing," Visioli said.

"They were finally able to subdue him, but he was swinging that cross the entire time," Kobel said.

Police expect Allen to be charged with 1st degree assault, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.