AURORA -An Aurora man is facing charges after half a dozen homemade pipe bombs were found inside his home during a fire.

A bomb squad is still investigating the scene of a house fire in the 1400 block of South Bahama Street in Aurora Tuesday morning.

Pipe bombs were found inside the home. The man who lives in the home - later identified as Michael Grover, 55 - was arrested by Aurora Police. Grover is going to be charged with possession of an explosive device. He is being held the Arapahoe County Jail on a $250,000 bond. Originally on Tuesday morning, his bond was set at $6,000, but it was increased as the investigation developed.

A fire broke out Monday around 10:30 p.m. in the home. When firefighters arrived at the home, Grover told the firefighters that he had pipe bombs inside a shed near the home. Firefighters also found illegal fireworks, apparent homemade explosive devices and other bomb-making materials in the house. Police say they found more than six explosive items in the basement and the shed.

"We haven't found any sort of motivation, no writings or anything like that this early on in the investigation," the Aurora Police Department Public Information Officer Cassidee Carlson said. "Whether he decides to talk to us at this point or offer anything up, we'll go from there."

9NEWS Reporter Anastasiya Bolton spoke with a neighbor, and he was shocked to hear about the pipe bombs.

"I knew he'd stockpiled some guns," Donn Daniels, Grover's neighbor, said. "He was kind of one of those 'doomsday' guys. I thought '[if] that's what you want to do, then fine.' There was no intent to do anything with them. That was his thought process, and I just dismissed it. I just thought it was just another guy with some crazy thoughts. I didn't [think] a whole lot of it."

Daniels says he heard Grover talking about the government taking away his guns, that "everything was coming to an end," and that martial law was going to be involved.

"He was seriously counting on 12-21 to be the last day," Daniels said. "I told [him] 'When 12-22 rolls around, you need to buy me a steak dinner.'"

The Arapahoe County Bomb Squad arrived to assess the situation. They were able to take the two pipe bombs away from the scene.

"We're called out often for ... old grenades or different devices that maybe people have, but this is taking it to a whole new level," Carlson said. "The fact that every time we try to make entry to search the house, we're finding something else that shows us down. Now we're to the point the substance and not have it recognized immediately by our Hazmat unit and having to call reinforcement. I think it probably speaks to what we're finding in this house."

Daniels was surprised to hear about the explosive devices.

"Then, I heard about [the] bomb-making materials and combine that with the fire, I can see my house going up in flames and ... that doesn't settle at all," Daniels said. "He's just like any other neighbor. [He's a] normal kind of guy. We'd take turns [shoveling] the snow on the walk. This comes as a surprise with the bomb stuff."

The Aurora Police Department got a search warrant for the home after the incident.

"Our goal today is to make it through the house and get it searched to make sure we remove everything that could be potentially dangerous," Carlson said. "We may then secure the scene throughout the night."

Four homes were evacuated during the investigation. Police do not know when they will let those residents back in their houses.

"At this time, we don't believe there is any threat to the public as far as what was found, but we just wanted to take all the precautionary measures to make sure this is disposed of properly," Carlson said.