JEFFERSON COUNTY - Love and trust are the foundation of any relationship. Roseanne DeWild still loves the husband she thought she knew.

"He made me laugh all the time," Roseanne said. "He always had his arm around me. The David I know is still imprinted in my head, the caring and loving and a wonderful person. I do miss him."

Roseanne says she can't understand or grasp what David DeWild has been convicted of, what he was a part of in 2003.

"I still can't come to grips with that ... that he could do something like that," Roseanne said


Their sister-in-law, Heather DeWild, disappeared in July 2003.

In August, police found Heather's car and her decomposed body in September 2003.

Roseanne's husband David and Heather's husband Daniel - who are twins - were suspects.

At the time, Daniel's brother-in-law Brian Smith told 9NEWS, "[Daniel] is not concerned at all about the criminal investigation because he doesn't have anything to do with Heather's death."


In December 2011, after eight years and a grand-jury investigation, the DeWild twins were arrested along with Roseanne and hauled off to jail.

"I was dumbfounded on how it could happen," Roseanne told 9NEWS in 2013. "How could they arrest somebody who wasn't involved; who didn't know? I thought the same about Dave and Dan too. All three of us were arrested that morning."

Roseanne maintained her innocence.

"Everyone [said] ' I didn't do it. It wasn't that bad.' You look in the mirror; you don't know what to say'cause I was innocent, and I was in jail," Roseanne said.

She was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

"It was horrible," she said. "I was in jail for eight months and six days. I thought, [OK,] innocent people go to jail ... That's OK ... But after a month, it's like, 'Hello? When are you guys gonna figure this out? When are you going to see that I'm innocent?' Then you know, months and months and months, you just sit there, and then you start like what to do? You just want to take someone and shake them and say I didn't do it, I didn't know! You just sit there."

After eight months in jail, the charges against Roseanne were first reduced and then dropped all together.

"They took me out in the hall and they told me. I think I almost cried. I just stood there, and I know I was shaken," she said. "I wanted to say 'It's about time you guys realized I wasn't involved in that. I'm an innocent person.'"

The Jefferson County District Attorney released this statement about the dismissal of Roseanne's case: "The case against Mary Roseanne DeWild was dismissed in October 2012 because prosecutors believe that her knowledge of events was less than previously indicated, and that there was no reasonable likelihood of her conviction at trial."


As the prosecutors realized her innocence, Roseanne recognized her ignorance.

"How could they not have any evidence against the boys?[There was] no DNA left anywhere," said Annette Bettis, Roseanne's sister. "The boys were really good, and I hate to say that, because you hate to think that somebody - in my case, my brother-in-law Dave who I love, worshiped and adored - could've had anything to do with that. They were good. Their personalities never changed."

During the eight years between Heather's disappearance and the brothers' arrest, the twins didn't show a soul what they were capable of or what they actually did.

"'How could you have not known?' I still ask myself that question every day," Roseanne said. "I go through the days before, the days after. I never knew."


In 2012, David DeWild testified against his brother, helping prosecutors put Daniel away for a long time.

David admitted to his role in Heather's murder and received a maximum 12-year sentence.

Even though Roseanne's record is cleared, she feels her name is not.

"I'm a nice person. I'm a caring person. I'm not this horrible, horrible person that a lot of people think I am. I'm not guilty of anything. I did nothing wrong," Roseanne said.

Love and trust are the foundation of any relationship.

"The trust is gone," Roseanne said of that feeling toward husband Dave.

What about the love? She says she still loves him. Enough to stay married? She won't say.

"It's baby steps, one step a time," she told 9NEWS. "I have to figure out my life. I've lost almost a year. I have a lot of living to do, to make up."