GOLDEN - A 27-year-old pizza delivery driver who was reported missing from work was found shot to death in Golden.

The body of Nathan "Nate" Leon of Commerce City, was found by a man flying model airplanes Sunday evening in the area of the Rooney Road Gas Flare, northwest of the C-470 and Interstate 70 interchange.

Leon worked part time at a Domino's Pizza near East 40th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Denver. He was making a delivery when he failed to return to work.

Leon's Family members say someone had called from a payphone at the Sapp Brothers gas station near I-270 and East 49th Avenue in Commerce City.

That person told Dominoes to deliver a pizza to East 50th Avenue and Forest Street, a deserted corner in an industrial part of Denver. That's where police found Leon's car.Leon's body was found 18-miles away in Golden.

Family members say he was shot multiple times in the chest.

"We want to find who did this, and we want to find him now," Leon's sister-in-law Sarah Brown said.

Leon was a father of three and worked two jobs to support his family, Denver police said.

Family members say he was extremely intelligent and worked hard.

"He was absolutely amazing. I can't express how amazing and caring and giving, and wonderful, and what a good father and a husband he was to my sister," Brown said. "So please help us find who did this to my brother in law, so we can have justice please."

Investigators with Denver and Golden Police are working together on this case.

Family members say Domino's should have never dispatched Nate Leon to a delivery from a payphone. They say that was against Dominoes' policy.

A spokesperson for Domino's said they could not commit about the families claim.

"I don't have any information about what may have happened, and it would be inappropriate to speculate. We also wouldn't comment on anything that could get in the way of the police investigation. Our hope is that whoever is responsible is found and brought to justice quickly," a Domino's release said.

Domino's released the following statement Monday:

We are heart-broken and speechless. We don't know what to say in the wake of this shocking tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. We will be doing whatever we can to assist the officers investigating this case and we hope they find whoever did this as quickly as possible.

Leon's family has set up an account at any Bank of the West in his name to help pay for funeral expenses.