LONGMONT - Longmont police have called off a search for a possible missing child after no reports of a missing child came in.

The search ramped up Tuesday afternoon after four teenagers told police that a little girl approached them and said "Can you help me? That guy took my baby sis."

It happened earlier in the day at a park near Burlington and Indian Peaks Elementary schools.

Police say the girl, believed to be around 9 to 11 years old, pointed to a brown vehicle after asking the teens for help. The four teens ran after the car, which was heading northbound on South Pratt Parkway, but did not catch up to it.

Longmont police say they did not find the girl who told the teens her sister was abducted. She is described as being 4-feet 2-inches tall with brown hair. She was wearing a purple top with pink or green horizontally stripped Capri shorts.

The school district has sent out a school wide notification to all parents of both schools.

All four teens were interviewed separately by investigators. Police say they got consistent stories from all four of them.

The FBI had also joined the investigation.

If you can help Longmont police, call (303) 651-8519.