JEFFERSON COUNTY - James King, who was prosecuted and acquitted for the June 16, 1991 Denver bank heist that left four guards dead, has died of natural causes at the Hospice of Saint John in Lakewood.

King was 77 years old when he died Tuesday. The retired Denver police officer and a former guard at the United Bank Tower (now the Wells Fargo Building) was arrested and charged with four counts of murder on July 4, 1991.

King has since lived at his home in Jefferson County.

The trial gained national attention and was broadcast on Court TV. King hired attorneys Walter Gerash and Scott Robinson (now a 9NEWS legal analyst) to defend him in his 1992 trial. After nine days of deliberation the jury acquitted King.

No one else has been arrested or charged with the crime and the money stolen that day has never been found.

The guards murdered in the robbery were Phillip Mankoff, William McCullum, Scott McCarthy and Todd Wilson.