The text appears to be the latest in a series phishing schemes that steal identities and clean out bank accounts.

Links within the text message connect to bogus websites that are designed to collect sensitive private information from people who think they really won a prize.

Viewers also report to 9Wants to Know they have been sent messages claiming they have won gift cards to Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Identity theft expert John Sileo told 9Wants to Know the scammers get cell phone numbers from numerous sources.

"We give phone numbers away," Sileo said. "We put it on our Facebook profile and we enter sweepstakes. They hack into databases and get it out of databases of phone numbers. They use automated tools to text to every possible phone number combination there is. "

For more on the topic, visit John Sileo's blog.

Depending on your cell phone service provider, there are several ways you can block spam messages.





Make sure you check with you service provider to see if there is an extra charge for blocking services.

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