**UPDATE** 9NEWS previously reported that Melissa Miles was charged with church embezzlement. At this time, she is simply facing charges and has not yet been officially charged.

9Wants to Know found court records indicating Melissa Miles, 39, is facing a class-three felony because the amount she is accused of stealing is more than $20,000.

Miles worked for the Faith Lutheran Church in Castle Rock between November 2011 and July 2012, according to a City of Castle Rock press release.

A church spokesperson told 9Wants to Know Miles is accused of using a church debit card to buy personal items and services, such as visits to a spa, restaurants, airline tickets, clothing and supplies for a cupcake business.

The church sought charges through the city's police department after it filed a report of theft in September.

This is not the first time Miles has faced theft charges.

9Wants to Know obtained a lawsuit out of Douglas County showing theft allegations back in 2009.

The business partner, who spoke anonymously to 9NEWS, said she didn't move forward with the lawsuit because of an expensive legal battle.

"She paid for a wedding, furniture and pets and Christmas presents. The list goes on and on," the former business partner said. "We just want to see her stopped. We don't want to see her hurt anyone else."

Miles is expected in court on Thursday afternoon in Douglas County.

The church spokesperson told 9Wants to Know Miles initially offered an $8,000 settlement to avoid charges, but the church refused, believing criminal charges are necessary to stop the suspect.

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