CENTENNIAL - The man suspected of killing Colorado's prisons chief removed his ankle bracelet before the murder, 9WANTS to Know has learned.

Law enforcement issued an arrest warrant for Evan Ebel Wednesday, the day after Tom Clements' murder. The parolee was not considered a suspect at the time the warrant was issued.

9Wants to Know has also learned Ebel had a troubled prison life.

Ebel threatened to kill a guard while he was in prison, according to state records.

It's just one episode in a long history of misconduct behind bars for Ebel, who died after a shootout with Texas authorities last week.

Within nine months of entering prison in 2005, Ebel misbehaved so badly he was placed in solitary confinement. He spent much time there because of continued threats and attacks against prison workers and other inmates.

Ebel had a total of 28 code of penal discipline violations.

Ebel also got into a fist fight, slipped out of handcuffs and told a female staffer he would kill her if he ever saw her on the streets. The records show he said he would make her beg for her life.

When staff gave him a score in December, that measured the likelihood he would re-offend once he got out, he was classified as "very high risk."

The new information comes from Ebel's prison record.

View the entire record here