BOULDER - The University of Colorado is under federal investigation after a student says the school mishandled her rape case.

The 20-year-old sophomore says CU allowed her attacker to stay on campus for weeks after the Office of Student Conduct found him guilty of sexual misconduct, and she says that traumatized her.

The victim has filed a Title IX complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights.

Title IX is a federal law protecting students from sexual discrimination in education, which includes protecting them from sexual harassment.

CU will not address specifics about the current case or name the students involved. However, the chancellor did send a letter to students and staff saying CU will cooperate with the federal investigation and conduct an independent review.

Handling sexual assault claims is a sensitive topic for CU Boulder because of the football recruit scandal a decade ago.

"We have beefed up the resources for victims on the campus," said university spokesman Bronson Hilliard. "We've increased our communication toward our students on issues of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. We've increased the training of our faculty and staff on those same issues over the last decade, so it is very, very troubling to have these allegations."

9Wants to Know obtained law enforcement documents that explain the alleged sexual assault and the victim's concerns about the university's response.

The victim claims she became friends with a male student through an outdoor activity club. She says they had been out drinking one night in February 2013, and she claims the male student forced himself on her at his apartment later that night.

She says she reported the assault to the university, and a student disciplinary board found that the alleged attacker engaged in sexual misconduct.

However, the victim says her attacker was allowed to remain on campus for several weeks before beginning his suspension.

During that time the victim saw him on campus and it "upset her very badly," according to a Boulder Police report.

Unsatisfied with the university's actions, the victim filed a police report last month about the alleged sexual assault. Boulder police investigated, but the Boulder County Sexual Assault Review Team did not accept the case for prosecution.

The victim was able to get an order of protection from a Boulder County Court. 9News has decided to withhold victim's and the alleged attacker's names at this time.

The alleged attacker has not been arrested nor charged in the case.