A local law center is ordering the Colorado's Missing Children Foundation to stop using Jessica Ridgeway's name to raise money they say, is not intended for the family.

According to the letter, sent from the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center, The Colorado's Missing Children Foundation has been using Jessica Ridgeway's name as a fundraising tool, despite numerous requests from family to stop.

The foundation is planning a "Remember Jessica" fundraising event on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Colorado's Missing Children Foundation is advertising the "Remember Jessica Purple Ribbon Tattoo Benefit" on their Facebook page. The flyer depicts a purple ribbon with angel wings and states all proceeds will go to Colorado's Missing Children Foundation. The foundation asks for a $20 donation for a tattoo.

The letter, sent on behalf of the Ridgeway family, orders the foundation to immediately stop posting Jessica's name or likeness on their website, Facebook pages, or in any advertisements for the organization or its fundraisers.

The letter also requests all references to Jessica be taken down from those pages, citing the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act.

That act makes it a class 5 felony to knowingly solicit contributions using someone's name, without authorization.

The Director of Operations for Colorado's Missing Children Foundation told 9NEWS they were not using Jessica's name in any way.

When asked about the numerous references to Jessica on their website, the director said he did not create the site and would need to consult with someone else before responding.

Colorado's Missing Children Foundation says their mission statement is to, "assist families and communities with missing children and abductions. We are able to form an info structure (sic) by using our techniques and experience to help organize a community when the unthinkable happens. We are able to share information about the missing through community awareness, social media, flyer distribution and searches. Our continued goal will be focused on a rapid response when a child can not (sic) be located. Our education programs will strive to train children, organizations and communities on child safety."

According to the Law Center, the foundation filed to become a recognized non-profit in the state of Colorado Monday.

There is no listing for the foundation on the Secretary of State's website.

The letter states the foundation has until noon Thursday to comply with the request.

Jessica Ridgeway's family did not want to comment on the letter or the allegations.