DENVER - Colorado Democrats have proposed a slate of gun-control measures - but they won't be suggesting a full ban on assault weapons.

The package outlines Tuesday calls for universal background checks for gun purchases, plus a new ban on high-capacity magazines.

Democrats stopped short of suggesting a statewide ban on assault weapons. Instead they suggest new liability standards for the users and sellers of such guns.

The Democrats also want to see new requirements for mental health professionals telling authorities about patients who shouldn't have access to guns.

A Colorado woman who lost her sister in the Sandy Hook shooting says she thought that these new laws would help prevent similiar tragedies.

"When you ask people or demand people to be responsible, they may think twice about having a weapon, how they store it in their homes, who they allow to have it," Jane Dougherty said.

Republicans are expected to oppose the ideas. The Democratic Legislature has already rejected several GOP ideas to reduce gun violence, including a bill to allow school employees to carry concealed weapons.

The pro-gun side is hoping Governor Hickenlooper will put the brakes on some of these ideas.