Denver, CO - At a ceremony Saturday evening at the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex, 9NEWS dominated the 27th Annual Heartland Emmy Awards, capturing a station record 40 honors including Best Daytime, Evening and Weekend Newscasts, Best Weather Anchor and Best Anchors. The 40 Emmys won by 9NEWS is more than the combined wins of all other local broadcast news competitors and the Denver Post.

9NEWS President and General Manager Mark Cornetta said, "From news to promotions, and production, every facet of our broadcast efforts were recognized this year by the television academy. We have in place the finest staff producing the best stories and newscasts all to best inform, educate and entertain the people of Colorado. I see their efforts each day, and I'm pleased to see their service to our community recognized with these honors."

Kyle Clark and Cheryl Preheim shared the honor for Best Anchor. Clark was additionally recognized with two other Emmys. One award recognized his outstanding efforts anchoring the Emmy winning entry for Best Evening Newscast and another was his work on "Paradise Burned" for Environment Program/Feature. Chief Meteorologist Kathy Sabine was honored with the Emmy for Best Weather Anchor.

Chris Vanderveen received the most honors for his work at 9NEWS, capturing seven Heartland Emmy awards including Best General Assignment Reporting, both within 24 hours and no time limit, Journalistic Enterprise, Feature News Light Series, Program Photographer, Program Writer and News Writer.

9NEWS Vice President and News Director Patti Dennis said, "Every story we photograph, write and edit, each newscast we produce is always done with the goal of serving and informing our community. The remarkable achievements of this staff demonstrate both the professionalism and their commitment to a very sacred trust we work to earn from our viewers every day. No matter where those stories take us, we will always strive to honor that trust."

The highlight of the evening for 9NEWS was the induction of Adele Arakawa into the Heartland Chapter's Silver Circle which recognizes outstanding contributions to broadcasting over at least a 25 year period of time. Adele joins her anchor colleagues Kim Christiansen, Mark Koebrich and Gary Shapiro and News Director Patti Dennis as working members of the Silver Circle.

A complete list of winners is available at the Heartland Emmy website. A list of all 9NEWS winners appears below.

1. Daytime Newscast - Larger Markets

"High Park Fire Devastation"

Linda Kotsaftis, Executive Producer

Bob Pusatory, Director

Jessica James, Producer

2. Evening Newscast - Larger Markets

"Aurora Theater Shooting"

Will Swope, Producer

Jerry Vancini, Director

James Negri, Helicopter Pilot

Cody Crouch, Helicopter Photojournalist

Kyle Clark, Anchor

Linda Kotsaftis, Executive Producer

3. Weekend Newscast - Larger Markets

"High Park Fire"

Will Swope, Producer

Lawrence Gibbs, Director

Linda Kotsaftis, Executive Producer

4. General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours

"Couch Versus Cab"

Chris Vanderveen, Reporter

Chris Hansen, Photojournalist

5. General Assignment Report - No Time Limit

"A Night in the ER"

Chris Vanderveen, Reporter

Chris Hansen, Photojournalist

6. Continuing Coverage

"Aurora Theater Shooting"

Brandon Rittiman, Reporter

7. Investigative Report - Single Story

"Caught on tape - Cops Running Red Lights"

Jace Larson, Reporter

Anna Hewson, Photographer

Nicole Vap, Executive Producer

8. Feature News Report - Light Series

"The Classic in the Corner"

Chris Vanderveen, Reporter

Eric J. Kehe, Photojournalist

Chris Hansen, Editor

9. Politics/Government - News Single Story

"Labor Department"

Jeremy Jojola, Reporter

Anna Hewson, Photographer

10. Politics/Government - News Series

"Truth Tests"

Brandon Rittiman, Reporter

Matt Flener, Reporter

Emily Parker, Researcher

Emily Lande, Researcher

Hannah Eddy, Researcher

Mark Yoder, Executive Producer

11. Crime - News Feature

"Getting Away with Murder"

Jace Larson, Reporter

Anna Hewson, Photographer

12. Specialty Assignment Report - News Single Story

"From Colfax to College"

Nelson Garcia, Reporter

Kevin Sullivan, Producer

13. Environment: Program/Feature

"Paradise Burned"

Tim Ryan, Executive Producer

Kevin Torres, Producer

Chris Hansen, Producer

Kyle Clark, Producer

Nelson Garcia, Reporter

14. Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)

"9NEWS Parade of Lights"

Bob Pusatory, Production Manager

Sandra Hernandez, Technical Director

Lawrence Gibbs, Director

15. Community/Public Service (PSAs) - Campaign

"Calm a Crying Baby"

Robert D. Springer, Writer/Director/Editor

16. News Promo - Single Spot/Same Day

"Melanie's Topical"

Melanie Escobar, Writer Producer Editor

17. News Promo - Image

"Got You Covered"

Andy Schaeffer, Writer/Producer/Photographer/Editor/Stunt Dog Owner

18. Program Promo - Single Spot

"It's Called 'The Chat'"

Drew Sidener, Writer/Producer/Graphic Artist/Editor

Andy Schaeffer, Photographer

19. Program Promo - Sports

"9NEWS Olympics"

Robert D. Springer, Writer/Director/Editor

Andy Schaeffer, Photographer

20. Commercial - Campaign

"Longmont United Hospital BirthPlace"

Robert D. Springer, Writer/Director/Editor

21. Journalistic Enterprise

"Hopefully This Doesn't Suck -- Vanderveen Journalistic Enterprise"

Chris Vanderveen, Producer

22. Interactivity

"#Safekids: Jessica Ridgeway Abduction and Murder"

Misty Montano, Producer

23. Audio

"9NEWS Parade of Lights"

Robert Owens, Audio Engineer

24. Editor - News - Within 24 Hours

"Hansen Edits in a Live Truck"

Chris Hansen, Editor

25. Editor - News - No Time Limit

"Hansen Edits In-House"

Chris Hansen, Editor

26. Editor - Sports

"Brian Olson 2012 Sports Editing Composite"

Brian Olson, Editor

27. Editor - Short Form

"Editing in the Time of Collier"

Tommy Collier, Editor

28. Talent - News Anchor ** TIE **

Cheryl Preheim, Anchor

Kyle Clark, Anchor

30. Talent - Weather Anchor

Kathy Sabine, Meteorologist

31. Talent - Narrator

Matt Flener, Narrator

32. Photographer - Program

"Eight Square Miles: The Fight for Iwo Jima

David W. Delozier, Photojournalist

Chris Vanderveen, Photojournalist

33. Photographer - News

"KSully Photographer Compilation"

Kevin Sullivan, Photographer

34. Photographer - Sports

"Brian Olson Sports Photography Compilation 2012"

Brian Olson, Photographer

35. Photographer - Video Essay **TIE**

"From Violence to Victory"

Corky Scholl, Photojournalist

"Denver Diner Politics"

Kevin Sullivan, Photographer

37. Writer - Program

"Eight Square Miles"

Chris Vanderveen, Writer

38. Writer - News

"Lila's Daddy Writes -- Vanderveen Writing Composite"

Chris Vanderveen, Writer

39. News Producer

"An Unforgettable Year"

Will Swope, News Producer

40. Graphic Arts - News

"London Olympics Graphics Package"

Toby Sjolander, Production Artist

Jason Hirsch, Design Director, Production Artist

Brenna Mastro, Production Artist

John Kuhrt, Photography

David Fitzhugh, Production Artist

Ryan Walker, Production Artist

This story was originally published on July 15, 2013.

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