KUSA- Opening Day is not about that first game, it's about the 161 that follow.

"It's going to be a full house so hopefully we go out and have good showing," said Todd Helton who has been a part of 16 cordial baseball beginnings with the Rockies. "Give them a reason to come back."

It's not the pinnacle of the sport but rather it's the rebirth. All 98 of Colorado's losses from last season are finally magnanimous and completely erased from memory. This annual spectacle and inaugural parade of nine innings anoints it's commencement. Nothing that was will ever be again.

It's only and officially baseball season.

"I enjoy it," outfielder Michael Cuddyer said. "You enjoy the pageantry to begin the game. Then after that first pitch you hone back in on the task at hand."

The glamour, nor 'Opening Day' paint that is carefully crafted along the first and third baselines will be gone overnight. The remnants of the first day will still be present much as the expectations in major league clubhouses across America remain. The Rockies, who are picked by most to finish last in the National League West, are no different.

"We know what kind of team we have and what kind of guys we have," said Rockies Friday start Jeff Francis. "I don't think there is a team out there that doesn't believe they can't win. We're up there. We believe that we can show up every day and we can win."

That's the beauty of Opening Day, it's just the beginning.