KUSA - There's a reason major league baseball teams flock south to Florida and Arizona in February: It's warm, the grass is green, the sun is shining and short sleeves are everywhere.

Which makes one wonder why a whole bunch of Rockies have added a lot of extra heat to their chins this spring.

The facial hair is everywhere in the Rockies clubhouse. For quite a few players, downright Grizzly Adams time.
"Well, I'm all right now," says manager Walt Weiss. "But when they first showed up I had a tough time tell who was who."

The leader of the movement seems to be outfielder Charlie Blackmon who had an idea while watching the 2013 World Series.
"I noticed those guys on TV that had beards, they all hit the ball really hard," explained Blackmon. "I want to hit the ball really hard too, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see if I couldn't grow one myself."

So Charlie started growing his yet-to-be-named beard on Halloween, and others have followed suit - which really does make it tough to tell some guys apart.

"There's been a couple of coaches that will have seen me walk by and just kind of gave me the 'Hey, how you doing' and not have any idea who I was," says Blackmon. "Somebody the other day, who has coached me for years, when he first showed up to camp we were working out and I saw him tapping the guy next to him and say 'Hey, who's that right there?' (He had no) idea who I was."

Not everyone has the Sasquatch look. Some guys just can't.

"I really can't get facial hair, so I have no choice," says Troy Tulowitzki. "That's why I'm clean shaven."

Adds pitcher LaTroy Hawkins: "If I could grow a beard like that, I'd have one also, so I can't knock the beards right now."

Others have some semblance of a beard, but for very different reasons than Blackmon.

"Mine is more just laziness pretty much," Michael Cuddyer says with a smile. "In spring training, the hours are a lot longer than you're used. I'm up at 5:30/5:45 every morning and I'm obviously not going to shave at 5:45 in the morning."

So Cuddy's not going for Charlie's look?

"No, I can't. It's too patchy."

Patchy or gray?

"I'm not so concerned about the gray," says the outfielder with a grin. "I always say the gray exudes 'wiseness', so I'm not too worried about the gray."

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