DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - The University of Denver has no plans to consider its student athletes "employees," even if the National Labor Relations Board did in a case involving Northwestern University.

"We are not going to be paying stipends … We don't do that for our graduate students, so we won't do it for athletes," said Peg Bradley-Doppes, vice chancellor of athletics at DU. "Here, student athletes are students, first and foremost."

Peter Sung Ohr, director of the NLRB Region 13 (Chicago), on March 24 issued a ruling granting football players at Evanston, Ill.-based Northwestern the right to unionize.

He ruled the football players were "employees" of the private university and that scholarships and stipends provided to players are compensation, or wages, given in exchange for football duties.

The NLRB decision has other Division I private universities scrambling to voice their concerns about the precedent the decision could set.

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