9NEWS asked a long-time local sports agent C. Lamont Smith, president and general counsel of All Pro Sports & Entertainment Inc., if he thinks Manning and Tebow can coexist on the same team.

While many insiders are saying it would not be possible, Smith says it would be a good move for the Broncos.

When a star athlete like Manning signs a multi-million dollar deal, a sports agent like Smith is the guy who brokered that deal. His agency has been in business since 1987.

"Our big break came with Barry Sanders. We've represented people like Jerome Bettis, and Trevor Pryce, and Steve Atwater," Smith said.

With 25 years, and plenty of high-dollar deals under his belt, Smith says the Broncos landing a star player like Manning is great news for the team and Tebow.

"I think it's phenomenal. The old recipe for quarterbacks was that they went through an apprenticeship. He [Tebow] has an apprenticeship now," Smith said.

Smith believes there's room in the Broncos franchise for Manning, a four-time MVP, and
Tebow, a fan favorite.

"If I'm Tim Tebow's agent I'm saying to him, 'Look, you've had the best of both worlds here because you've established yourself to a certain extent in this league and now you get to watch the consummate professional,'" Smith said.

Not everyone agrees there's enough room in Mile High for Manning and Tebow.

CNBC Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell says Tebow's fan base is more valuable than his NFL record.

"Are the Broncos making this a better team? Yeah, perhaps they're making it a better team. Bringing in Tim Tebow is probably the biggest move that any team can make because you have a team that needs to sell tickets and you have the guy that will sell them," Rovell said.

Smith believes the Broncos would be wise to keep the 24-year-old Tebow as a backup QB and groom him to take over for Manning, who turns 36 on Saturday.

"It can absolutely work and I think for the long term success of the Broncos it is the best of all worlds," Smith said.

Smith points out other quarterbacks who existed under similar circumstances - like Joe Montana and Steve Young or Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Most sports insiders say a roster of Manning and Tebow is highly unlikely.

On our 9NEWS Facebook page, we asked fans what they think the Broncos should do with Tebow.

As of Monday night, nearly 3,000 people had voted and an overwhelming majority, 79 percent say keep Tebow; 17 percent say trade Tebow; 4 percent say to cut him.

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