Fans in section 306 say the birds have nested in the rafters of the overhang at the club level, and nothing has been done about their complaints.

Allison Harden and her husband Jeff say they were guests of a season ticket holder at Sunday night's game. Allison says before the first snap, she had already been hit with pigeon droppings.

"There were some people messing around behind me and someone grabbed my shirt," Allison said. "I found out a pigeon had pooped on the back of my shirt."

She says she wasn't the first. The Hardens say a group of people were hit; one person as many as four times. They used towels to cover their heads. Popcorn bags became drink covers.

The Hardens say they reported the problem to several different people working at the game. Employees told them it's been going on for years.

"There's actually a plastic owl," Jeff said. "I'm sure they set that up there at one point to deter the pigeons. It's obviously not working. It's a health issue. There's people with drinks. There's open food containers."

They both hope the Broncos will do something to get rid of the birds before the next home game.

"These were $250 seats," Allison said. "[We're] sitting there trapped in this kind of a situation. Any moment a pigeon [will] poop on you."

Gregg Thomas with Denver Environmental Health says pigeons like flat surfaces, and if anything is done to slant their perch, they won't stay.

Other commonly-used items to get rid of nuisance birds include bird spikes, which are found online for around $35.

Andy Gorchov, General Manager of Stadium Management Company, which takes care of maintenance at Sports Authority Field released the following statement:

"We strive to ensure that all fans have a positive experience during Broncos games, and their safety and comfort is our No. 1 priority. Unfortunately, outdoor stadiums do sometimes have issues with birds."

"When these circumstances occur, our stadium staff is instructed to respond immediately and resolve the situation in the most timely and appropriate manner possible. We encourage all guests to contact us if they have an unpleasant experience at our stadium to allow us to provide the absolute highest level of service to them."