Yells of '35' echo in the Broncos weight room.

Not only is Denver using their Super Bowl dismantling as motivation, they're rallying behind the margin of that game during offseason workouts. They shout the constant numerical reminder at one another to push through an extra set.

"Whenever someone gets tired, you just say '35,' and they just start picking it up again. We know we have to come back strong this year," Malik Jackson noted Monday. The Broncos ultimately fell 43-8 against the Seahawks in New Jersey.

The hangover after a disappointment in the National Football League finale is historically of note. The last team to return to the Super Bowl the following season was the Buffalo Bills in 1993 – where they lost yet again. Some teams aren't able to get over the failure on that stage, but it's also difficult to get there any year.

"We had a disappointing loss. But that's last season. We're ready to move on," the defensive lineman continued.

Some players – like Peyton Manning – have watched the film of the game, others – like Jackson – doesn't want to relive it. He asserted that he knows what happened so there is no reason to press rewind on that memory.

Even those that didn't experience that disastrous defeat – all of whom were brought to Denver to relieve that loss – have already gotten a sense of situation.

"It is still a hunger. You can tell it was a bad taste in the team's mouth from last year," newly-signed safety T.J. Ward said. "Everybody is looking to improve and get better. The goal is to win that Super Bowl, so we're working really hard right now."

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