10 tips on how to not speak like a 'geek'

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Geek-speak can torpedo your communications.You can't present effectively to customers, employees, funding sources or any other audience that is vital to your business's success if they don't understand what you're saying.

Speaking like a geek doesn't impress non-techies.It usually turns them off.But clueless technical professionals, engineers and scientists keep talking like geeks to non-geeks --face-to-face, at meetings and in their written communications.

They use words and terms the audience might not comprehend.They focus on the technical details that support their case and neglect to place them in the framework of the big picture.They fail to connect what they're saying to why it matters to the people they're addressing.I get it, you're smart, the audience is thinking. But why should I care if you don't care enough to speak to me in my language?

Here are some tips on how to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience effectively:

1. Who are they

Be sure you understand your audience's level of understanding of the technology you're discussing. Unless you do, you risk speaking over their heads—or talking down to them by over-explaining.

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