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Do you get a lot of text or email alerts on your phone? turns out you're not alone. In fact, even people in IT security get them and it can be hard to tell which are important and which are annoying. "Swimlane" helps to determine what is a security alert.

KUSA - With so many security breaches in the news, you might wonder: "Why didn't a security team get notified before there was a huge problem?" It turns out that they may have been notified, but at a big company, the IT security team might get 10,000 notifications every day. How can anyone know which notifications are the really important ones?

That's where a new Colorado company comes in. Swimlane helps IT Security teams prioritize all those notifications. Their motto: "No security alert left behind."

Christine Noël sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about this company, based in Louisville.

While lots of technology companies are growing fast, security technology companies may be growing among the fastest of any sector. The data breaches are such a pervasive problem that companies are spending more and more to try and fight them, which is why this company is growing so fast.

There are about 15 people working there now. The company moved here from Phoenix because it's not 120 degrees here, and -- more to the point -- they reported that the availability of developers to hire is much better.

The company has a bunch of open positions, including one writing job.


Not that long ago the company was just two people, and it went through a program called the "Hyperaccelerator," which is a one-week program put on by the Rockies Venture Club.

That program is happening again this week, and the demo day for this class is coming up Monday afternoon. You can see more details about that here.

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