Tech Tuesday: 3 hot local companies making waves

KUSA - Gregg Moss sat down with Scott Yates for Tech Tuesday, highlighting companies in three categories.

Crushing It!: Photo and video storage with Pixorial

For our Crushing It category, this week, we're featuring a company called Pixorial. Pixorial's founders found that almost everyone had stored their media in various locations all across the web, as well as across multiple devices. Whenever you wanted to access something, whether it was to share it, or just to look at it again, you had to search for it first by remembering what device the photo is on. With Pixorial's storage platform, all of your pictures and videos can be stored in the cloud. The company also offers a fun tool that allows users to make a music video from still pictures.

Colorado's Own: Ipad stand and holders from Octa

In our Colorado's Own category, you may have seen the New York Times coverage of products from Octa, and not known that it's a Denver company. Octa solves a problem that many tablet owners have experienced: being able to access your tablet hands-free, while you do other things. Their product, the TabletTail, is a versatile and interchangeable accessory that's giving people a lot more options with their electronic devices. The TabletTail comes with a "whale tail" for setting a pad on a table, and a "monkey tail" for gripping just about anything.

Octa is one of a couple dozen companies that you can hear pitch live during the Rockies Venture Club Angel Capital Summit, which is coming up next week, March 18 - 19. Some of the companies pitching there have been featured on past Tech Tuesday spots, and probably some others will be on in the future.

Early But Interesting: Beat parking tickets with help from Ticket Cricket

Finally, in our Early But Interesting category, we have a company that's developed an app to help us avoid one of the great unpleasantries in life: parking tickets. The company is called Ticket Cricket, and while their app is very new, it is designed to help parkers assist each other, by alerting each other of a potential parking ticket. You will theoretically get alerts if a ticket-giver is spotted near your car, or if a ticket has been issued to another driver near your car. What you do is input how long you'll be parked, and then wait for any possible alerts to come in. Of course, the best way to not get a ticket is to pay the meter, and follow the rules on the signs, but it will be interesting to watch if this young company can get adoption of the app in big enough numbers that it can help you avoid a ticket if you are, for instance, in a meeting that's running late.

This post was written by a freelance contributor to BlogMutt, a content writing service. Each Tech Tuesday, Scott Yates, co-founder of BlogMutt, highlights companies to be profiled as well as upcoming business events. If you know of any hot tech startups and would like to see a company featured in future Tech Tuesday installments, contact Scott via his blog, or better yet show up at a startup event and pitch.


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