Tech Tuesday: Winners at Galvanize Demo Day

KUSA - Gary Shapiro sat down with Scott Yates, CEO of BlogMutt, to talk about some companies that are doing well in Colorado. They covered three categories: "Crushing It," "Colorado's Own," and "Early But Interesting."

This week's Tech Tuesday post is special because all of the businesses we're featuring were winners at the very first Galvanize Demo Day. That means they will all be going on to do a pitch at Google, which is a huge opportunity.

Whether you like to travel a lot, or you have to travel for your business, it's not too often that you get to take your personal assistant along. When you have NativeApp working for you, there's no need for one. NativeApp is the company we're focusing on for our Early, But Interesting category. NativeApp fills the gap between a travel agent and a personal assistant, and it can provide you with everything from activity suggestions on your trip to wired funds in case of an emergency. This app is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel but hates dealing with the details. No matter what your travel challenges are, from knowing the local language to needing to reschedule your meetings, NativeApp can handle it all, and it only costs $20 a month. They are actually launching next month and people who sign up this month can snag the service for only $10 for month.

For our Colorado's Own category, this week we're taking a look at RxREVU. This is an innovative new service that provides people with the tools they need to compare medications. Prescription medications can get pretty expensive, but there are lots of different medications that can treat the same illnesses. With RxREVU, you can do your own research to find the best prices and alternatives that might even work better. They even allow you to print out reports to show your doctor. RxREVU is a valuable service for anyone who doesn't have insurance or for people who have higher prescription deductibles on their plans. In fact, doctors use it too. It's free to create an account.

Everyone knows that networking is the most powerful way to build your business. For our Crushing It category, this week we're featuring Conspire. If you've ever been to a networking event and failed to exchange contact information with someone you really wanted to connect with, you'll really appreciate the service Conspire offers. When you sign up, they analyze your email data to provide you with information about the strongest path to connecting with anyone. You might be amazed at how many people your contacts know. Conspire also sends you a note once a week to let you know how you are doing on keeping in touch with people, and whom you are losing touch with. A sure sign the company is doing well: It's hiring.

In a new feature for Tech Tuesday, we're going to highlight a tech meeting, some way to get involved in the tech startup world. Anyone interested in the fast-growing world of what's known as "inbound marketing" will want to come to hear one of the premier experts in the world. The next HubSpot Users Group is on February 10. Dan Tyre, who was a part of the original HubSpot team, will be on hand to talk about the alignment between sales and marketing and how you can use this concept to grow your business like never before. Unlike other HUG meetings, this one will NOT be focused on HubSpot tools, so if you're in sales or marketing, it's open to you! You'll enjoy free food from Chipotle, free drinks, free parking, and some fantastic information than you can put to good use immediately.

This post was written by one of the freelance contributors for Scott's company, BlogMutt. Each Tech Tuesday, Scott Yates highlights tech companies that are going great things here in Colorado. If you want to have your business covered in this space, the best way is to attend a tech event and pitch your business. You can also contact Scott on his site:

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