Sun tantrum disrupts radio communications

KUSA - A bit of a tantrum from the sun continues to disrupt radio communications.

On Friday, NOAA's NWS Space Weather Prediction Center reported solar activity at minor to moderate levels causing radio blackouts, with the "potential to throw more significant activity our way." Forecasters at the center are keeping a close eye on the sun.

Friday's blackouts, classified as R1-R2, are minor disruptions of radio communication on the sunlit side of the Earth. The loss of radio contact could last 10 minutes.

However, three solar flares on Tuesday and Wednesday caused longer radio blackouts.

The larger solar flares, recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory , caused R3 radio blackouts, which are strong disruptions on the sunlit side of the earth for one to two hours. Minor disruptions of satellite navigations were possible as well.

Forecasters at the center posted an update on Facebook, "Solar activity is ticking along at minor levels (R1-radio blackouts) with the potential to throw more significant activity our way." The post cautions "Forecasters are keeping a close eye on the Sun and we will update you should conditions warrant it."

(Full classification list:

NASA published video of Wednesday's solar flares on YouTube:

While NOAA and NASA keep their eyes on the sun on Friday the 13th, astronomers looked to the moon.

A full 'Strawberry' moon, also known as a 'Honey' moon, happened very early Friday morning.

The names come from both the harvest season and the color of the moon. The color of the moon was a signal to the Algonquin tribes to gather ripening strawberries. The moon is expected to have a amber, or honey, color Thursday night into early Friday morning.

The last full moon to occur on Friday the 13th was Oct. 13, 2001. There won't be another full moon until Oct. 13, 2049.

'Honey' moon photos: If you have photos you'd like added to the gallery, you can upload them to Your Take:

Friday the 13th to feature full 'Strawberry' Moon

NOAA NWS Space Weather Prediction Center website: and Facebook:

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