Lawns, watch out: summer watering rules begin May 1

DENVER - After responding to multiple years of drought conditions, Denver Water is once again stressing the importance of using water efficiently, regardless of the weather.

"We just came out of a severe drought, and our customers did a great job of answering our call to save even more water than usual last year," Greg Fisher, Denver Water's manager of demand planning said. "But, water conservation isn't a drought response. It must be a permanent way of life for all of us."

To help eliminate outdoor water waste, Denver Water implements annual summer water use rules, which begin Thursday.

The watering rules, which help facilitate smart irrigation, include

  • Water during cooler times of the day – lawn watering is not allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Water no more than three days per week.
  • Do not allow water to pool in gutters, streets and alleys.
  • Do not waste water by letting it spray on concrete or asphalt.
  • Repair leaking sprinkler systems within 10 days.
  • Do not irrigate while it is raining or during high winds.
  • Use a hose nozzle with a shut-off valve when washing your car.

"The landscape may be green, but that doesn't mean it needs a lot of water." said Jeff Tejral, Denver Water's manager of conservation. "Typically, early in the irrigation season, two days of watering a week will be enough."

Denver Water will have a team of nine Water Savers out in the community to provide customers with tips and tools for water-saving practices this summer. Water Savers will also respond to reports of water waste. To report water waste, call Denver Water at 303-893-2444, and if you see waste in one of Denver's parks, call 311.

"Many times people are either unaware of a rule or something happened to their irrigation system, like a broken sprinkler head, and they appreciate being notified of the issue," said Tejral. "We'll send out a Water Saver as a friendly way to work with customers to help them locate and address any problems."

Many can get money back from the city for using water-efficient appliances:

There are even some car washes that recycle water:

Did you know:

  • Replace your existing turf spray nozzles with rotary nozzles and cut your water use by 30 percent. Rotary nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly than spray nozzles.
  • A leaky toilet can waste more than 100,000 gallons of water a year
  • Outdoor watering accounts for more than 50 percent of residential water use. You can manage your water bill by managing how you water your landscapes
  • One flush from a low-flow toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. A regular toilet uses 3.5 gallons per flush
  • HE dishwashers use 3.5 gallons a load. A regular dishwasher uses 4.5 gallons a load
  • Washing a car at a drive-thru conveyor car wash uses 55 gallons of water per car. Washing your car with a hose running for only 10 minutes uses 110 gallons of water.

Visit for conservation tips, rebates, irrigation calculators and many more tools for saving water outdoors, including suggested watering times.

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