DENVER — The state of Colorado released guidance Tuesday that shows the risks of various activities when it comes to potentially contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

The most dangerous activities according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)? Going to bars and night clubs, going to the gym, singing in groups and protesting.  

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The latter comes after thousands of people have taken to streets in Denver and around the state to protest the police death of George Floyd and draw attention to system racism across the country. 

The state has now issued official guidance for protesting safely. In addition to encouraging police agencies to avoid using tear gas and rubber gullets – which health officials said could cause people to cough and transmit COVID-19 --, the guidelines also call for protesters to maintain six feet of social distance and to wear masks. 

But, the guidelines acknowledged masks could have a different meaning for different people, and that racism itself is a public health threat.

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“We recognize that for people of color, racial bias and stereotypes of criminality have created real fears about going out in public with a mask or face covering,” the state’s guidelines read. “People of color have been removed from stores for wearing masks, and many fear for their lives. We understand these concerns, and at this moment, they must be weighed against the additional protections masks can provide from transmission and exposure to COVID. We encourage you to wear one.

People who have attended protests are encouraged to get tested, according to the guidelines.

Activities like bars, nightclubs and concerts were also listed as dangerous – in part because alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions, making them forget basic social distancing guidelines. The state recommends that people who do choose to participate in these types of activities stay outside whenever possible.

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Credit: Courtesy CDPHE

Gyms, while also listed as potentially dangerous, have a stringent set of guidelines for reopening that includes mask-wearing and frequent sanitization. Older Coloradans are encouraged to work out at home.

The final dangerous activity was group singing, which the CDPHE said is known to transmit COVID-19. It’s recommendations?

“Sing in the shower, on video chat, or outdoors while maintaining distance,” the guidelines read.

Airline travel, dining out, shopping and even going to church were list as a more moderate risk.

The lowest risk activities? Camping, outdoor recreation and staying at a hotel.

Check out all the guidelines here.

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