Linda Kotsaftis

News Content Director

Linda Kotsaftis is the News Content Director at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

She’s responsible for the day to day running of the newsroom including creation and distribution of impactful content across all platforms.

Linda is an award winning journalist with more than two decades of work in Denver. Linda helped launch Next with Kyle Clark and has worked to move the newsroom into the future of journalism. Innovation is part of her daily routine.

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She started her career while a student at the University of Denver, working at KWGN and joined KUSA in 1996. Linda worked on the first version of and never looked back. She’s been a mentor to young journalists while managing a training program for producers and she spends time talking to anyone and everyone who wants to join the business.

Her door is always open to any employee with a passion project and any community member who wants to share a story. Linda believes that there’s no better time to be a local journalist.