Couldn't get Red Rocks tickets? Here's the simple reason why

There's a limited supply of seats at Red Rocks, unfortunately.

We get some feisty emails every time tickets go on sale for big shows at Red Rocks.

Thousands of people get online and try to buy tickets only to fail. They then call us.

The most recent case happened with the Imagine Dragons ticket sales last week. The show, which is slated for July 16, sold out in minutes.

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And once again, 9NEWS was asked to investigate scalpers and ticket bots. For the record, Jeremy Jojola has, and you can catch that long story here:

But, while scalpers and bots are an easy assumption to make – and great scapegoats – there’s something else at play too.

Namely, the fact that Red Rocks is a pretty darn small venue all things considered – as in it only has 9,000 seats. And, at least according to Billboard, Imagine Dragons is one of the biggest bands on the planet (this may be shocking to some).

Red Rocks is also a very famous venue, and it's not a stretch to say that lots of people would travel to Denver from across the country to see their favorite band there.

Back when you had to line up to buy concert tickets in person, it was a lot easier to see what the demand was like for certain shows. Now, all of this is happening online (duh).

One example of the supply vs. demand curve at Red Rocks? When Tom Petty tickets went on sale last year, 27,000 people AT ONCE tried to get tickets. Once again: Red Rocks only seats 9,000 people.

So, for big shows, it’s safe to assume the majority of people, unfortunately, won’t get tickets.

While it’s easy to blame scalpers and bots, there’s something far more simple happening too: More than 9,000 people want tickets to the biggest shows in town.