Kathy Sabine analyzes shocking ‘Bachelor’ finale

This is just for fun.

ABC said it would rock “Bachelor Nation” to its core.

And they were right.

Kathy Sabine is both a meteorologist and the 9NEWS Bachelor expert.

You can see her analysis and attempts to help Tom Green understand the shocking finale in the video above.

ABC gave “The Bachelor” an extra day and timeslot for Tuesday night, so we can likely expect more unexpected drama and a part two.

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Hopefully, Kathy will have more to say (she probably will).

Editor’s Note: And for those of you who say this isn’t news: it isn’t. If you clicked on a headline that said ‘Kathy Sabine analyzes shocking ‘Bachelor’ finale’ and were expecting something else, sorry. And yes, we like to have a little fun sometimes ... and that means analyzing the Bachelor.