It’s possible to win the Hamilton lottery, we promise!

Hamilton made its Denver debut Wednesday night.

If you’re feeling a little “young, scrappy and hungry” for your own chance at Hamilton tickets, stay strong, it is possible!

I entered the Hamilton lottery on a whim one day, thinking there was no way I would win. Fast forward a few hours and suddenly my phone buzzed and proved me wrong.

I was able to score two tickets to Wednesday night’s performance at just $10 each. The best part? The seats ended up being in the second row!

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Hamilton lottery winner notification.

I’ve followed Hamilton since its early days. In fact, one of my very first assignments as a new employee at 9NEWS was to write about the show coming to Denver.

It felt a bit full circle and completely surreal to be there Wednesday night, close enough to watch the actors sweat as they left it all on the stage. And let me tell you, the show lives up to the hype!

I should also take a second to give Denver Center for the Performing Arts some credit. Every single step of the process was simple, efficient and taken care of beautifully, from picking up tickets and walking in to walking out in awe of how I had just spent the last three hours.

9NEWS producer Jen Soules scored second row seats to see Hamilton on Wednesday.
Jen Soules, KUSA

Entering the lottery is a simple process, really. Use your smartphone and download the Hamilton app, and click the “lotteries” tab. Make your way to the Denver section, enter your name and email information and you’re all set.

Then you wait, which honestly, is probably the most difficult part.

If you’re chosen, you have the opportunity to buy tickets for a show two days in advance. If not, the app kindly tells you to try again, which I highly encourage doing. This show is worth the wait.

Don’t “throw away your shot.” We promise the lottery works, as told by a 9NEWSer herself.