Colorado & Company Show Schedule

Colorado and Company Schedule

Here's what's coming up on Colorado & Company In October.

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WEEK of Sept.30/ October 1st:

MONDAY, October 1st:

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TUESDAY, October 2:

WEDNESDAY, October 3:

THURSDAY, October 4:

FRIDAY, October 5:

WEEK of October 7th

MONDAY, October 8:

TUESDAY, October 9:

WEDNESDAY, October 10:

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THURSDAY, October 11:

FRIDAY, October 12:

WEEK of October 14th

MONDAY, October 15:

TUESDAY, October 16:

WEDNESDAY, October 17:

THURSDAY, October 18:

FRIDAY, October 19:

WEEK of October 21st

MONDAY, October 22:

TUESDAY, October 23:

WEDNESDAY, October 24:

THURSDAY, October 25:

FRIDAY, October 26:

WEEK of October 28th

MONDAY, October 29:

TUESDAY, October 30:

WEDNESDAY, October 31:

THURSDAY, November 1:

FRIDAY, November 2:

Here's what aired on Colorado & Company In September:

WEEK of September 2nd


TUESDAY, September 4:

WEDNESDAY, September 5th:

THURSDAY, September 6th:

FRIDAY, September 7th:

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WEEK of September 9th

MONDAY, September 10th:

TUESDAY, September 11th:

WEDNESDAY, September 12th:

THURSDAY, September 13th:

FRIDAY, September 14th:

WEEK of September 16th

MONDAY, September 17th:

TUESDAY, September 18th:

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th:

THURSDAY, September 20th:

FRIDAY, September 21st: