Transform an old table into farmhouse décor

Take an old wood table and re-paint it so it looks like a farm house table.

Farm House décor is very popular and there is an easy way you can transform your old furniture into the latest trend.

I took an old wood table and re-painted it so it looks like a farm house table.

The first thing you want to do is sand down the table.

Next step, I took off the legs but each table is different so you might leave yours on.

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Now with a rag, I put on a dark stain the top of the table.Go with the grain when you put on your stain.

I let it dry in between coats and repeated until I got it the color I like.

Once dry, I used painters tape to make sure I didn't get my white paint on the freshly stained area.

Now, using a white chalk paint, I used a brush and roller to paint the bottom part of the table.

I repeated several times, after I let the paint dry in between coats.

Now that I let it dry, I removed the tape and with a light sanding grit, i started to sand off around the edges to make it look distressed.

Sand in area where you would see natural wear and tear over time.

Do this all the way around the bottom of the table and you can do it as little or as much as you want depending on how distressed you want it to be.

I then wiped it down all over with a lightly damp rag.

Let it dry.

To finish I sealed it off with a clear wax.

Once dry, you have a very inexpensive and chic way to decorate your home.