Robotic vacuum: Is it worth it?

You've probably heard all about those automatic vacuum cleaners, but you're not convinced you need one.

You’ve probably heard all about those automatic vacuum cleaners, but you’re not convinced you need one.

“(Our house is) about 2,300 square feet and it’s pretty much all solid wood,” said Kristina Zverjako. “With four pets any piece of fur shows up because it's dark wood.”

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With more space came the issue of more to clean, so she went searching for a solution. After getting over the sticker shock of a $499 price tag, she put the Roomba to work.

“It goes between the chairs and those are the types of things I wouldn't normally take the time to move every chair.”

But there were some bumps in the roads for the autonomous device

“Here are its problem spots: corners and if there are any socks or iPhone cords, but no, no. They are like the number one enemy of the Roomba,” Zverjako said.

The other issue, the dust bin is small and fills up quickly.

“To get the whole first floor clean, I have to empty out the bin two, three times before it's all clean.

But cleaning out the bin, she says, is much faster than vacuuming an entire house.

“It was an investment that was well worth it for me because it took away my headaches,” she said with a smile. I love it! Is it worth the price? I think absolutely.”