Dobby, Colorado's favorite giraffe, is having a birthday party and you're invited

Probably the hottest event in Denver on Wednesday.

Remember Dobby the Giraffe? Of course you do!

How could anyone forgot this happy accident that captured the hearts of Colorado and was the "it" giraffe way before April?

Denver Zoo

Wednesday is Dobby's first birthday and his Denver Zoo family is throwing him quite the shindig, complete with decorations and tasty giraffe birthday treat.

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Dobs (I think we're close enough to give him this nickname) was born on Feb. 28, 2017 to parents Kipele and Dikembe at only 5 feet tall and 73 lbs.—both small figures for a newborn giraffe, the zoo said in a release.

Denver Zoo

Dobby is now healthy and thriving, and has grown to 9 feet, 5 inches and 736 lbs. WOW!

Guests are invited to join in the celebration and wish Dobby a happy birthday on Wednesday starting at 1:30 p.m. The party will be in the front of the giraffe exhibit or inside of the Giraffe House depending on the weather.


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