Stranger pays for Arizona girl’s birthday cake in memory of her late daughter

Family gets a surprise when a stranger pays for their daughter's birthday cake as a way to pay tribute to their late daughter.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Kyle Jauregui took to Twitter to thank to a stranger who paid for his sister Madison's birthday cake.

Jauregui posted a picture showing a card from the stranger that revealed how this random act of kindness served a purpose for one grieving mother, Ashley Santi.

Santi's infant daughter died in 2008 and as a way to honor her daughter, Santi decided to pay for a birthday cake on her daughter's birthday.

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In the card, Santi wrote: “In honor of my daughter's 10th birthday, I have chosen your birthday cake to pay for.”

Santi signed the card, "McKenna's mom."

Santi belongs to The MISS Foundation Kindness Project, a nonprofit that helps grieving families heal by The Kindness Project. It's a way to have a positive impact on the community and honor their deceased child.

Jauregui posted on Twitter, saying, “My family was speechless and we just want to say thank you to McKenna's mom and wish McKenna a Happy Birthday. There is still good in this world.”