How to keep houseplants healthy in the winter

Tips for exercising your green thumb during the winter months.

Gardeners get frustrated in winter but there's always something we can do to exercise our green thumbs.

Let's start with the humble spider plant, sometimes called airplane plant. It's one of the best houseplants for filtering pollutants from the air in your home or office. It's easy, very low care and--best of all--you only need to buy one--ever.

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Each plant sends out offshoots. They already have little roots; the idea being that when they touch fertile soil, they'll take root and grow.

If we provide the soil in re-cycled four-packs, we can start a whole new generation of spider plants. They grow quickly. In just a year they will be full-grown plants.

Spider plants are great assets outside in summer in shady areas. The young plants make great fillers to combine in containers with begonias, coleus and other shade-loving plants.

I have dozens and dozens of spider plants. This is one of those plants we take for granted but they're valuable as indoor/outdoor plants.

It's also a great plant for beginners. It's drought-tolerant, pest and disease free, tolerates low light levels and it multiplies. Growing the spider plant will build your self-confidence and help you develop a green thumb.