What's Cool About Coconut Water?

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Author- Dr. James Rouse

Coconut Water isn’t just something you drink out of a fresh coconut once in a lifetime, unless you live in Hawaii or somewhere South of the Equator. You can find coconut water in just about every convenience store across the country. So what’s the big deal?

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Coconut water is different from coconut milk. When you open a fresh young coconut, there is a mostly clear but slightly cloudy liquid inside that is referred to as coconut water. The liquid has a sweetish, refreshing flavor. It is used for simply drinking, rather than cooking. Coconut milk is derived from the meat of the coconut (usually blended with the “water” and contains a high percentage of fat).

Coconut water is popular with athletes because it is a good source of potassium, which can be lost through excess perspiration (along with sodium). The naturally occurring potassium and natural sugars in coconut water make it a good choice for rehydration for endurance athletes, and research suggests that it is well tolerated, causing less nausea and stomach upset compared to other sports beverages.

Coconut water can be a wonderful thirst quencher in addition to water. Limited research suggests that drinking coconut water may have a positive effect on blood pressure and lowering risk of heart disease. There are also suggestions that drinking coconut water supports healthy skin and a clear complexion. More research is certainly welcome and necessary in making further claims about its health benefits.