The story behind the mystery rock on Ute Pass Road

There are plenty of places and things in Colorado that have people asking "What is That?"

Colorado is full of beauty and a lot of mystery.

There are plenty of places and things that have people asking "What is That?"

In rural Grand County, there's one mystery that has been growing for 14 years.

It all surrounds this rock along County Road 3 or Ute Pass Road. Where did it come from? What is it? Some think it fell from space, others think it's a memorial.

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Matt Renoux says he's driven past it for years and often wondered about it. After some digging, he found an answer. It turns out there's a good reason for all the stories and mystery.

The rock is on Sheena Darland's ranch. She says her dad bought it 14 years ago in Buena Vista.

He then buried it six feet deep in the ground and put a fence around it.

Sheena says he bought it because he loves talking with people. He knew it would be something that would make people stop and ask questions.

"He said it would bring people up the driveway so he could entertain himself and tell them interesting stories," Darland said.

They were wild stories, like it fell from the sky and landed on Wild Bill Hickok or that it grew from well-planted rock seeds.

Sheena says her father passed away in 2003 but all these years later the rumors continue, and so do the visitors.

"I'm sure he's in heaven just giggling because he was the social one and I'm not as social," Sheena said.

Still, Sheena says she's passing this family tradition down to her kids and will keep her dad's rock legend rolling in Grand Country for years to come.

"This rock will stick with this ranch forever," she said.