AEG Live rewards local teachers

AEG Live has been working to get concert tickets for Red Rocks and other venues into the hands of teachers, to give back for all they do.

DENVER – It started as a simple idea. Let’s do something nice for teachers. They work so hard, for little pay and even less thanks.

Don Strasburg, the Co-President of AEG Live Rocky Mountain, posted his thanks on Facebook.

He also offered some free tickets for teachers to a few concerts.

He wrote: “Hey any school teachers friends of mine here? I’d like to stoke some of you with some comp tickets. You deserve a lot of love.”

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He ended up with hundreds of requests and praise for recognizing teachers.

AEG, who produces concerts at Red Rocks and lots of other venues throughout the west, has been working overtime to try and find free tickets for all of them.

Strasburg told us he was really moved by the teachers at the school shooting in Florida.

They talked about how much they cared about their students.

Then he thought, “Now people want those teachers to carry guns.”

He thought about his 8-year-old son’s teachers.

He said it’s been such a difficult time for many teachers, and listening to music is such a great way for people to take some time out from their stressful lives.

He hopes others in the industry will step up and find a way to thank teachers too.

He told us they are about out of free tickets for now.

But he’s glad he got to spread the word, and tell a bunch of people who don’t often get thanks, that they really are appreciated.