Workout Wednesday: A warm up before hitting the slopes

If you want some easy drills to do before hitting the slopes, personal trainer Jamie Atlas has got you covered.

When it comes to ski conditioning, we all have our ideas on what the best method is to get in shape for the mountains.

But once you get to the High Country, what can we do to make sure the body is ready for the rapid, fast-paced, high reactivity action that is skiing in Colorado?

We asked our Denver fitness expert Jamie atlas for some ideas:

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Hip shift squat hop

Going side to side over a slightly elevated surface like a low step, switch feet and as you land, load into the right hip before loading and hopping into the opposite side. This is a great movement for getting the hips ready for turns.

Side hop with hip twist

Whether you're headed for the moguls or just working on your turns, if you're past the snow plough level is skiing then you want your hips to be able to react and respond. Hop side to side, pointing your toes in as you hop.

Plank with elbow drop

From a straight arm position, drop down onto one elbow and then return up again. This is an essential drill for making for the core and shoulders are prepared for whatever falls might come your way.

Jamie Atlas is an award winning personal trainer (voted 6x best personal trainer) and owner of Jamie Atlas Fitness, a fitness studio in downtown Denver. You can contact him with questions on or go to