10 patients, 10 stories of outrageous hospital bills

We received so many emails and so many stories about absurd hospital costs that we are putting a different story of a medical billing woe into every single newscast throughout a day. In case you're wondering, 9NEWS has a lot of newscasts.

You’re mad. Some of you are really mad. As we looked into the documents you shared via showusyourbills@9news.com, we couldn’t escape the idea that, for many of you, maneuvering within the country’s confusing healthcare billing system remains more of a run through a labyrinth than a Sunday stroll.

Maybe “confusing” isn’t even a strong enough word.

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Hundreds of you have shared copies of your bills. Dozens of you have been willing to air your concerns on camera.

We received so many emails and so many stories, in fact, we decided we had enough to put a different story of medical billing woe in every single newscast we do throughout the day.

You probably already know this, but we do a lot of news here at 9NEWS.

So here are some of the stories we’ve shared through the day on Thursday.

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SHOW US YOUR BILLS: Show us your outrageous medical bills

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