Patients caught in middle of ‘outrageous,’ and ‘unjustified’ bills

Multiple patients charged more than $100,000 for a medical procedure. One woman’s insurance paid the claim – and now it’s demanding money back. 9Wants to Know investigation into the ‘unjustified’ charges prompts hospital internal review.

DENVER – On at least three occasions, a Colorado-based medical provider charged Parker Adventist Hospital patients – through their insurance companies – more than $100,000 for a relatively common, operating-room based procedure, according to an ongoing investigation by 9Wants to Know.

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Shortly after 9Wants to Know informed the hospital of the charges – charges one longtime Colorado doctor calls “outrageous” – the hospital’s owner, Centura Health, ordered an internal policy review of how it works with third-party medical companies.

The patients’ stories all share a similar theme. Each went to Parker Adventist for a back surgery and then, months later, happened to notice six-figure charges on his or her insurance paperwork for something known as intraoperative neuromonitoring.

All of the claims referenced one company:

South Downing, LLC.

According to the company’s own website, South Downing also does business as BHLH, LLC.