Use of life-saving air ambulances under scrutiny

A ride in an air ambulance can be costly, with bills ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

Dee Judd was home alone July 12 when her blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels. Her brain fuzzy and her body aching and burning from head to toe, life moved in slow motion.

Thinking she might be dehydrated from working in the garden on a hot summer day, she steadied herself along the wall in her Glacier View home to get to the couch, drank water and took her blood pressure: 312 over 218, a life-threatening reading.

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She didn't trust the number and thought, "The cuff must be broken. I just need to rest."

Her husband, Al, was on a motorcycle trip in Oregon with his son and wasn't expected home for days.

When water and rest didn't help, "something in my head said to call 911," Dee said.

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